How to read your books

Most of the books sold here come in electronic formats. You may think that you need to buy an expensive ebook reader before you can enjoy such books, but that's not the case. Ebooks can be read easily on many personal computers, and the software required to do so is generally free. Here are some examples.

If you use the popular Firefox web browser you can get a free plugin called EPUBReader that allows you to read books in the epub format. It is simple and provides a very clean reading experience. Download it for free here.

For a more sophisticated tool, check out Calibre. This free software not only manages your ebook library for you, but also offers conversions between ebook formats. Automated conversions do not always produce ebooks of the best quality due to the complex differences in how each ereader works, but Calibre is a quick and cheap way of making your own conversions, and very useful if the book you want is not available in for format required by your ereader. It is available for Windows, Mac and Linux computers.

Another free ebook library management tool for epub books is Adobe Digital Editions. It is available for Windows and Mac computers.

If you prefer books in the Kindle format, Amazon has a free reader available for a range of different computers and smart phones.

How to download your books

Once your order has been processed you will get a link that will transfer you to Fetch, our digital delivery partners. Clicking on that will take your through to our part of their site where you can download your book(s). You'll also get an email from us with the link in it. And if you create an account with us you'll be able to access the links for each order you place with us through your account page.

Which format do I need?

The most commonly supported ebook format is epub, which you can use with an iPad, Sony Reader, Barnes and Noble Nook and a variety of other devices and software packages. Amazon's Kindle uses the mobi format, or prc or azw which are almost identical. If in doubt, check with the manual for your device or software. Wikipedia as a good list of the various formats available.