Don't Pay Bad For Bad - Amos Tutuola

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Publisher: Cheeky Frawg Books

Categories: fantasy; World SF&F;

"I first discovered the worlds of Amos Tutuola deep in the African Literature section of Michigan State University's library. I haven't been the same since. His stories utterly threw me off. They were Yoruba folktales woven into indigenous quirky Nigerian fantasy. Tutuola's work is under-celebrated, overwhelming, deliciously mad and many times just plain hilarious. In his worlds, Death isn't even safe from misfortune. His tales are both local and universal. If you are a fan of speculative literature, Don't Pay Bad for Bad is required reading." – World Fantasy Award winner Nnedi Okorafor

Amos Tutuola (1920–1997) was a largely self-taught Nigerian writer who became internationally praised for books based in part on Yoruba folktales, especially the phantasmagorical classic The Palm-Wine Drinkard (1952). Welsh poet Dylan Thomas called the novel "thronged, grisly and bewitching," bringing it even more attention. He is considered an iconic international writer.
This collection includes previously unpublished and rare short stories from the author. It also includes an extensive and illuminating introduction about the author by his son Yinka Tutuola and an afterword by Matthew Cheney.