Women Writing the Weird – Deb Hoag

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Publisher: Dog Horn Publishing

Categories: fantasy; horror; weird;

Features international, award-winning writers.The first comprehensive anthology of its kind it comprises of contemporary fantasy, science fiction and cross-genre fiction.

WEIRD FICTION: Stories that delight, surprise, that hang about the dusky edges of ‘mainstream’ fiction with characters, settings, plots that abandon the normal and mundane and explore new ideas, themes and ways of being.
—Deb Hoag

Featuring: Nancy A. Collins, Eugie Foster, Janice Lee, Rachel Kendall, Candy Caradoc, Mysty Unger, Roberta Lawson, Sara Genge, Gina Ranalli, Deb Hoag, C. M. Vernon, Aliette de Bodard, Caroline M. Yoachim, Flavia Testa, Aimee C. Amodio, Ann Hagman Cardinal, Rachel Turner, Wendy Jane Muzlanova, Katie Coyle, Helen Burke, Janis Butler Holm, J.S. Breukelaar, Carol Novack, Tantra Bensko, Nancy DiMauro, Moira McPartlin.

Deb Hoag has been writing professionally for over 20 years, starting at a weekly alternative newspaper in Detroit, The Metro Times. Her work there included editing, writing a column and organizing such events as the Detroit Music Awards and the newspaper’s yearly photography contest and Best Of issues. In the early 90s, Deb went back to school and was awarded a PhD in clinical psychology. She has run with Apaches, Hell’s Angels, and now a fearsome cabal of cross-genre writers from around the world. These terrify her the most.

Nancy A. Collins is a US horror fiction writer best known for her Bram Stoker-winning series of vampire novels featuring her character Sonja Blue: a bold female vampire and vampire-hunter who spawned a whole subgenre. Collins has also written for comic books, including the Swamp Thing series, Jason Vs. Leatherface, Predator: Hell Come A Walkin and her own one-shot Dhampire: Stillborn.

Eugie Foster won the 2009 Nebula Award for Best Novelette and was named the 2009 Author of the Year by Bards and Sages.