This is the bookstore for Wizard’s Tower Press, a science fiction and fantasy publisher. Here we sell ebooks, but paper copies of many titles are available. Just ask your local bookstore.

Why buy direct from us? Well, the prices we offer here are the same as the list prices we give Amazon UK. We can’t undercut them because they’ll just price match. But we are small enough not to have to pay VAT on our sales. So if you buy from us, the part of the purchase price that would have gone to the government, and the part that would have gone to Amazon (or other stores), comes to us instead. And we pass on most of that money to the creators. So by buying from us you pay the same price as elsewhere, but give more money to the creators of the books.

Other stores may sometimes discount our books, and we don’t always notice so you may get a better price elsewhere. Also non-UK customers may get a better price in their local currency. That’s life online.

Our ebooks are available from the following online stores:

  • Amazon (all countries)
  • Nook
  • Kobo

All of our books are free of DRM and region restrictions.

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