Juliet E. McKenna

Juliet E. McKenna, picture by Peter ColebornJuliet is a British-based fantasy writer who studied Classic at St Hilda’s College, Oxford. Her novels have been published by major publishers in a wide variety of different languages around the world. We are proud to be publishing ebook editions of her work.

To learn more about Juliet, and the world of Einarinn in which her stories are set, see her personal website. Also this press release about our work with her.

Books written by Juliet

The Green Man series

The Aldabreshin compass series

The Tales of Einarinn series

The Chronicles of the Lescari Revolution series

The Hadrumal Crisis series

Other books by Juliet

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  1. […] One of the guest authors on the panel will be the fabulous Juliet E. McKenna who is, of course, published by Wizard’s Tower. […]

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