Airship Shape & Bristol Fashion II


A new anthology of steampunk stories set in and around Bristol, and written mainly by local authors.

Editors: Joanne Hall & Roz Clarke
Cover: Andy Bigwood
Formats: ePub, Mobi
Publisher: Wizard's Tower Press

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A sequel to the popular Airship Shape & Bristol Fashion. Steampunk fiction from the South-West of England.

In this anthology our authors once again challenge the notion that steampunk looks back on Victoriana through rose-tinted goggles. Still rooted in Bristol, these stories stretch out across greater distances, through time and space, through danger and adversity, to explore ideas of Empire and adventure. Some are funny, some are dark, and each of them will take you somewhere – or somewhen – you’ve never been before.


  • Off the Rails, by Stephen Blake
  • Let A Mountain Be His Gravestone, by Ken Shinn
  • Closets and Chimneys, by Maria Herring
  • Flying Free, by Tanwen Cooper
  • Defence of the Realm, by Cheryl Morgan
  • Miss Butler And The Last Mail Rocket, by Julia Hawkes-Reed
  • Icarus Unbound, by Piotr Świetlik
  • The Engine At The Heart Of The City, by Pete Sutton
  • Piracy By Any Means, by Gareth Lewis
  • Dead From Above, by Ben Wright
  • The Final Voyage Of Vulcan’s Breath, by S J Higbee
  • Until The Ice Breaks, by Scott Lewis
  • The Martyr, by Ian Millsted
  • The Ends Of The Empire, by Felicia Barker
  • Bath Time, by Andy Bigwood
  • The Pilgrim, by Amanda McLachlan
  • 64 Of These Things Are Not Like The Others, by Deborah Walker

This book is produced in collaboration with the BristolCon Foundation. It is a charitable organisation responsible for the running of the BristolCon SF & Fantasy convention, which takes place in Bristol every October.

Wizard’s Tower Press is delighted to be supporting the BristolCon Foundation in this project.

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