Unjust Cause


Author: Tate Hallaway
Cover: Ben Baldwin
Editor: Shawn Rounds, Mason Rounds & Anne Gray
Formats: ePub, Mobi
Publisher: Wizard's Tower Press

Paperback and hardcover versions are available from all good physical bookstores. Ask for ISBN 978-1-908039-95-8 for the paperback and ISBN 978-1-908039-96-5 for the hardcover.

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Alex Connor thought that being the South Dakota Hughes County Coroner was going to be a boring, cushy job. She didn’t count on the fact that her first case would leave her with a magical, living tattoo and awaken her latent magical powers. Now she’s a full-fledged member of Precinct 13, a paranormal police unit, and is trying to make a life with her dragon familiar, Valentine. Just when things seem to be settling down, bodies start falling out of the sky… literally.

Unjust Cause is the sequel to Precinct 13.

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