December 17, 2012

Newsletter – December 2012

Why a newsletter? Well, following the Great Finnish Book-Buying Event of November 2012, and the launch of our first Lyda Morehouse book, I suddenly had a lot of new customers. That seemed like a good opportunity to engage with people and build more of a community around the bookstore.

This being the first issue, I have had to think about what to put in here. The email version will be devoid of hyperlinks to prevent it getting caught in spam traps, but I'll be posting a version here that has all of the links to the things I mention. I’ll mainly talk about what’s new in the store, and what’s selling well, but if there are other things you want to know, please write back and suggest them.

Finding out what’s new in the store can be a bit difficult. There’s no easy way in the software I can highlight books that have recently been added. However, there are very easy ways to keep an eye on developments. We have a Twitter feed (@WTPress) and we are also on Facebook and Google+. Every time a new book gets added, a note will appear on each of those sites. You don’t even need an account, as the pages are all public.

Our best-selling book for November was Jagannath by Karin Tidbeck. This was no surprise to me. I met Karin at Åcon in Finland earlier this year and was very impressed. Besides, she’s with Cheeky Frawg, and Ann & Jeff VanderMeer have excellent taste in fiction. Jagannath has been favorably reviewed everywhere from Gary Wolfe’s column in Locus to the Sunday Guardian in Delhi. I loved it too. And the book is being talked about as a likely nominee for various awards next year, including Best Collection at the World Fantasy Awards.

Other notable new arrivals include Shoggoths in Bloom, the new collection from Elizabeth Bear, and Cracklescape, a short collection from Margo Lanagan. The Bear book contains two Hugo-winning stories, which is a great start. None of the stories in the Lanagan book were responsible for her four World Fantasy Awards, but that’s because they are all new. The book is part of the Twelve Planets series through which Alisa Krasnostein’s Twelfth Planet Press celebrates the work of Australian women writers. It is a great series and you should check them all out. Also, buying the ebooks from us is a lot cheaper than getting the paper version shipped from Australia.

We have welcomed several new publishers to the store recently. The largest is Dog Horn Publishing, a UK venture that specializes in cutting edge speculative fiction. They have a lot of LGBT content too. They have only just started in ebooks, but they have a big catalog in paper so there’s plenty to choose from.

At the other end of the scale are The Future Fire and Galley Beggar Press, both of which have only a single book out to date. The Future Fire is the publishing imprint tied to the magazine of the same name. Their debut book, Outlaw Bodies, is an anthology of stories exploring how our relationship with our bodies may change in the future. Galley Beggar is part-owned by my friend Sam Jordison. They will be publishing top quality literary fiction, some of which will shade into fantastika and be stocked by us. Their opening offer, The White Goddess: An Encounter, is a fictionalized memoir of a young man who goes to Majorca to live with his great uncle, the legendary folklorist, Robert Graves.

Of course I couldn’t write this newsletter without mentioning my own latest publication. Archangel Protocol, the first volume of Lyda Morehouse’s AngeLINK series, is now available as an ebook. I loved this series when it first came out, and I’m delighted to be able to bring it to a new audience. I hope you like it as much as I do.

Finally in new offerings I’d like to mention the omnibus edition of Gemma Files’ Hexslinger trilogy. When I reviewed the first volume, A Book of Tongues, I described it as a “Queer Steampunk Dark Fantasy Western”, which pretty much sums it up. The whole series is now out, and as with all of our omnibus offerings, you can buy the set at a significant discount.

That’s it for this month. If you have any suggestions for the next issue, or things you would like to see done with the store, please write to me and I’ll address your ideas in the coming months. In the meantime, have a fabulous holiday season, and I’ll see you again next year.

Happy reading!

Cheryl Morgan

October 16, 2012

ChiZine - The Books Are Back

A few months ago we had to withdraw a few books from ChiZine Publications because a lucrative distribution deal required them to impose region restrictions on sales. As you know, we don't do region restrictions here, so we couldn't sell the books. Well we are delighted to announce that the exclusivity period in the distribution deal is now over for most of those books, and they are back on sale. That includes great titles such as:

Not only that, but we have three new books on offer:

June 05, 2012

ChiZine Books

Regular visitors may notice that some of the titles from ChiZine publications have disappeared. The reason for that is that ChiZine has done a distribution deal with HarperCollins Canada and Cooke International (who handle foreign rights). This is great for them, and for their authors, because they get their books into a lot more stores. But it means that the books are now subject to region restrictions, so we can't sell them any more. You will, of course, still be able to buy the books from stores that impose region restrictions. Most of the books will be back in the store in a few months time when the exclusivity agreement in the Cooke International contract expires.

March 25, 2012

We're Live!

Welcome back to Wizard's Tower Books. We apologize for having been offline for a few weeks. We now have a new, and hopefully much improved, store. Not all of our products are loaded as yet, but more will be coming soon. In the meantime, if you notice any glitches, please let us know.