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Resurrection Code

We are delighted to announce the publication of the fifth and final book in Lyda Morehouse’s AngeLINK series. Resurrection Code tells the story of how Christian El-Aref, a street kid from Cairo, grew up to become the world’s most wanted cyber-criminal.

You can read Lyda’s thoughts about the book in her Big Idea post at John Scalzi’s Whatever blog. Then check out this stunning review of the series at You want them all. You really do.

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Reviews of Airship Shape & Bristol Fashion

We have had two new reviews of Airship Shape & Bristol Fashion come in during the past week. They are both very pleasing.

This one, by Jonathan Hicks at, says:

I enjoyed the stories here and found them fulfilling and thought provoking. Most of them hit the mark for me and even those that didn’t were a good read. In all, there are plenty of stories covering plenty of different ideas, styles and moods so there’s a lot of material that’ll suit most fans of the steampunk genre. I can easily recommend it.

And this one at Crinoline Robot notes:

One thing all the stories have in common is a good, focussed engagement with Bristol and its history, including its role as a slave port, and a city which was home to prominent pro-emancipation campaigners. Many characters have African heritage. Steampunk is often criticised for not engaging enough with the reality of 19th century history, with slavery and Empire, with the treatment of women and the working classes. These things are not ignored in this volume.


I very much enjoyed reading the whole thing. Here’s hoping the BristolCon Foundation is able to support more books by local writers.

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Apocalypse Array

Our latest release is Apocalypse Array, the fourth and final volume in Lyda Morehouse’s AngeLINK series. This one received a Special Citation (effectively a runner-up award) in the Philip K. Dick Award.

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Welcome Back

We are delighted to have our own bookstore for Wizard’s Tower once again. For now this store will only stock ebook editions of our own books. In it still in development, so if you experience any issues with it, or have any suggestions for improvements, please let us know.