Adventure Rocketship!


Issue #1 — Let's All Go To The Science Fiction Disco — focuses on the intersection between music, SF and the counterculture. Includes fiction by Lavie Tidhar, Liz Williams, Martin Millar & Tim Maughan.

Editor: Jonathan Wright
Cover: Stanley Donwood
Formats: ePub, Mobi
Publisher: Wizard's Tower Press

A paper edition of this book is available from Tangent Books.

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Adventure Rocketship! is a new magazine in book form steeped in science fiction and geek culture. Mixing fiction, interviews and essays, its subject is nothing less than the future. Each issue of Adventure Rocketship! will explore a specific theme, with the first issue — Let’s All Go To The Science Fiction Disco — focusing on the intersection between music, SF and the counterculture. That means, among other subjects, we’ll be looking at how JG Ballard invented post-punk music (sort of – ), the curious and enduring appeal of Rush’s magnum concept opus 2112, the strange vistas of cities daubed with tomorrow’s digital street art and David Bowie, the alien connection…We’ll be talking to writer and sometime musician Michael Moorcock, three-times Clarke Award winner China Mieville, and counterculture troublemaker and SF novelist Mick Farren. Essayists include David Quantick (Radio 2’s The Blaggers Guide), BSFA Award winner Jon Courtenay Grimwood, and comics writer Rob Williams (Marvel, 2000AD). We’ll have new stories from World Fantasy Award winner Lavie Tidhar, Liz Williams, Martin Millar and Tim Maughan. Retro-themed jacket art is by Stanley Donwood, famous for his covers for Radiohead. In forthcoming issues, Adventure Rocketship! will range across subjects as diverse as sex, dissent and something called denimpunk, whatever that might be. Adventure Rocketship! will initially be available in a limited-edition print run and as an ebook. It will be promoted with special author events. Adventure Rocketship! is edited by Jonathan Wright, a journalist who has contributed to SFX magazine, the UK’s largest-circulation science fiction magazine, for more than a decade.

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