The Green Man’s Heir


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A hundred years ago, a man with a secret could travel a few hundred miles and give himself a new name and life story. No one would be any the wiser, as long as he didn’t give anyone a reason to start asking questions. These days, that’s not so easy, with everyone on social media, and CCTV on every street corner. So Daniel Mackmain keeps his head down and keeps himself to himself. But now a girl has been murdered and the Derbyshire police are taking a closer look at a loner who travels from place to place, picking up work as he goes. Worse, Dan realises the murder involves the hidden world he was born into. When no one else can see the truth, who will see justice done? A modern fantasy rooted in the ancient myths and folklore of the British Isles.


Finalist for Best Fantasy Novel (Robert Holdstock Award) in the 2019 British Fantasy Society Awards.


“… any way you look at it, the book is a delight from start to finish. […] It’s one of my favorite books so far this year.” — Charles de Lint in Fantasy and Science Fiction

“I read this last night and thoroughly enjoyed it, more please!” — Garth Nix on Twitter

“I really enjoyed this novel!” — Kate Elliott on Twitter

“Juliet McKenna captures the nuances of life as a stranger in a small town in much the same way as Paul Cornell does in his splendid Lychford series, with the local gossips, the hard-pressed police, the rampaging boggarts and rural legends come to disturbing life. Thoroughly enjoyable; a UK fantasy author branching out (oh god, sorry for the inadvertent and terrible pun!) and clearly having a great time doing it. Highly recommended.” — Joanne Hall

“So far up my street it could be my house.” — K.J. Charles on Goodreads

The Green Man’s Heir is a thoroughly engaging, at times almost impossible to put down, tale which, despite besides its titular character, is peopled with an impressive array of interesting and intriguing women.” — The Monday Review

“After a stumbling start, I found myself unable to put down The Green Man’s Heir. If you’re looking for a book to read on your summer holiday, then this is it.” — Charlotte Bond via The British Fantasy Society

The Green Man’s Heir is a straightforward fantasy story, with a lively pace and characters who wonderfully come alive. It starts as Midsomer Murders set in the Peak District but with added supernatural element and turns out to be the book you won’t put down because you enjoy it too much.” — The Middle Shelf

“I hope this turns into a series. I’d love to read more about Daniel’s adventures.” — N.W. Moors in The Antrim Cycle

“And she has absolutely nailed it. This is a complete and utter joy.” — Sarah Higbee in Brainfluff

“I’m certainly on board for reading more such novels.” — Paul Weimer in Skiffy and Fanty

“Brilliant concept, compellingly told” — Virginia Bergin on Twitter


With Joel Cornah on the Sci-Fi Fantasy Network.

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The Green Man